The Wiggles' World



Created by

The Wiggles

Directed by

Paul Field

Original Network

ABC Kids (AUS)
Treehouse TV (CAN)
KidoodleTV (US)

Original airdate

17 March 2020 (AUS)
25th July 2020 (NZ)
5 October 2020 (CAN)

Final airdate

11 April 2020 (AUS)
17th September 2020 (NZ)
9 November 2020 (CAN)

Preceded by

Wiggle Time! (Canada only)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

Followed by

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series 3)

"The Wiggles' World" is a Wiggles TV series which premiered on 17 March 2020 on ABC Kids.

In New Zealand it aired on TVNZ 2 on 25th July 2020.

In Canada, it premiered on Treehouse TV on 5 October 2020.


In a 2018 article, Paul Field mentioned that The Wiggles were planning on filming a new TV series in 2019.


  1. Five-Fingered Family
  2. Avo, Avo, Avocado!
  3. We've Got Our Glasses On
  4. Cowboy Fun
  5. Shirley Shawn the Unicorn
  6. We're All Friends
  7. Stinky Cheese Day!
  8. Lachy's Curly World
  9. World Record Dancing
  10. A King Who Liked to Sing!
  11. Surfer Bop
  12. Emma's Weather Bag
  13. Sticky Rice Cake Surprise
  14. Broccoli Bunch
  15. A Puppet Show
  16. Funny Face
  17. Put the Pop in the Popcorn
  18. Double Talk With Captain
  19. Hot Dog!
  20. Cream Pie Fun
  21. It's Sunny Today
  22. The Curly Bird
  23. Dance Spectacular!
  24. Sensational Salsa
  25. Little, Little, Little Lord Fauntleroy
  26. Dorothy's Rosy Tea-Time

Home Video Releases


A selection of episodes are available on DVD and iTunes in Australia in a collection called Wiggles World.



Three to eight songs are usually featured in the song, featuring songs live from the Wiggle Pop! Big Show tour which were filmed in Canberra and Melbourne. Unlike songs from most Wiggles series, this series doesn't contain songs from Wiggles DVDs.

The Wiggly Lounge Room

Every day we start the show in the lounge room where The Wiggles will sing, from old classics to new songs. They also get clues to solve problems, plus special visits from their friends to join in the fun and reminisce of the days of The Little Wiggles.

Le James' Cafe

Café owner James sings a song to a Wiggle who is dining in, giving a clue to what’s on the menu that day. When the diner guesses correctly, Paul the waiter comes in and serves the meal in a balletic, fun way. Once the meal is over, Wiggly dancers join in, singing and dancing to a theme of the menu item du jour.

Lachy's Curly World

Lachy receives a call from the Curly Town King, Sam, asking for his assistance in running the Kingdom. This includes helping run a tea party, presenting a puppet show to the children and playing music for his friends to dance to.

Emma's Weather Bag

Emma prepares for the day ahead, getting the weather report from her friends. She can find the right clothing items for the day in her special 'Emma Poly Leather Weather Bag'.

Story Time with Simon

Simon and his friend, Shirley Shawn the Unicorn, narrate a story about their park friends through song and dance. Friends include Willy the Wobbly Worm, Billy the Butterfly and Terry the Turkey.

Music With Anthony

Anthony and his friends sing and dance to his unique instruments he teaches us about, such as the mandolin and the bagpipes.

The Cartoon Wiggles

In six episodes, there are animated music videos featuring the Wiggles in an animated form, teaching kids about road safety, hygiene and going to the doctors.