The Wiggles Channel is a channel exclusively from Loop Media in America which started streaming on Loop TV and (formerly) Roku TV on August 19, 2021[1]. Content from the OG Wiggles is primarily featured on the channel, but it will possibly stream all eras of The Wiggles in the future.

On April 25th of 2023, this channel is now removed from all Roku platforms. Meaning that Loop TV is the only place where The Wiggles Channel is available to watch.[Note 1]



TV Series[]

All series are the versions running approx. 22 minutes.

Interstitial/Short Series[]




NOTE: Please do not add any additional series or videos specials unless you can provide a source for references.


  • Wiggle Time! (version TBD)[2]
  • Yummy Yummy (version TBD)[2]


  • This is the first network ever to feature only The Wiggles.
  • Anthony, Jeff and The Wiggly Friends are featured in bumpers before and after commercial breaks, featuring some old props like an apple balloon, a giant guitar and even Puppet Jeff.
    • If there isn't a commercial or a break ready to be placed between the bumpers, a 90-second timer (sometimes shorter) counts down to the resuming of an episode while "In The Wiggles' World" plays quietly in the background.
  • Select episodes have not been featured on the channel.
    • The Series 1 episodes "Foodman", "Murray's Shirt" and "Funny Greg" are not in rotation. This is most likely because the masters of these episodes currently used by The Wiggles have songs originally by Raffi removed, and are thus shorter than other normal episodes.
    • Also from Series 1, "The Party" and "Wiggle Opera" have not yet appeared on the channel for unknown reasons.
    • The Series 2 episodes "Dressing Up", "Multicultural" and "Movement" have so far been skipped on the channel. The only thing they have in common is the song "Shaky Shaky" (in fact, they're the only episodes from that series to feature the song), though this may be a coincidence.
  • The Wiggles Channel version of Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (1999) omits the song title card for "Jeff's Christmas Tune" (the song begins after a commercial break ends), as well as the contact information near the end of the credits.
  • Even though the Emma era Wiggles appeared in the trailer from Loop Media, none of the series' from the Emma era have appeared on the actual channel.


The Wiggles Channel Roku error
  • The guide/information on what episode/special is currently playing on The Wiggles Channel was incorrect on Roku TV.
  • Various bumpers and promos feature clips from Series 2 and 3 with the instrumental/sound effects tracks created for international dubs mixed with the original English tracks (including the countdown timer mentioned above). Entire episodes of Dorothy the Dinosaur Series 1 are also presented with this issue, though it's less noticeable as these dubbing tracks were created at the time of production (thus feature no alternate instrumentals) and are almost perfectly in sync. Presumably the dialogue-less dubbing tracks are attached to the episode masters used, and when editing these promos they were accidentally mixed in at times instead of removed.
    • One promo begins with the instrumental of "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!" with the Big Red Car sound effect audible, meaning in this instance the original track was silenced while the dubbing track remained. The rest of this promo features "Dancing In The Sand" with the duplicated track issue above.


  1. Loop TV is only available for business purposes and not for the general public.


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