The Wiggles Channel is a channel exclusively from Loop Media which started streaming on Loop TV and Roku TV on August 19, 2021[1]. This channel will possibly stream all TV series from all eras of The Wiggles.




TV Series


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  • Wiggle Time! (version TBA)[2]
  • Yummy Yummy (version TBA)[2]

TV Series


  • This is the first network ever to feature only The Wiggles.
  • Anthony, Jeff and The Wiggly Friends are featured in bumpers before and after commercial breaks, featuring some old props like an apple balloon, a giant guitar and even Puppet Jeff.
    • If there isn't a commercial or a break ready to be placed between the bumpers, a 90-second timer (sometimes shorter) counts down to the resuming of an episode while In The Wiggles' World plays quietly in the background.


The Wiggles Channel Roku error.JPG

  • The guide/information on what episode/special is currently playing on The Wiggles Channel is incorrect on Roku TV.
    • Whether or not it was fixed on Loop Media TV is unclear.
  • Various bumpers and promos feature clips from Series 2 and 3 with the instrumental/sound effects tracks created for international dubs mixed with the original English tracks (including the countdown timer mentioned above). Entire episodes of Dorothy the Dinosaur series 1 are also presented with this issue, though it's less noticeable as these dubbing tracks were created at the time of production (thus feature no alternate instrumentals) and are almost in sync. Presumably the dialogue-less dubbing tracks are attached to the episode masters used, and when editing these promos they were accidentally mixed in at times instead of removed.
    • One promo begins with the instrumental of Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! with the Big Red Car sound effect audible, meaning in this instance the original track was silenced while the dubbing track remained. The rest of this promo features Dancing In The Sand with the duplicated track issue above.