"The Wiggles Reunion Show" is a release from the original Wiggles, containing footage of the Melbourne 25th Anniversary Reunion Concert from 2016.

It was released on May 25, 2018 on iTunes for Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland.


To celebrate the 25th birthday of The Wiggles, the original famous four, Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony decided to reunite for a one-off performance. They picked a rock & roll pub in Melbourne where their original fan base, now 20 somethings would feel right at home. Filmed live at The Croxton Hotel, this was the first Wiggles show where the audience did not need to be accompanied by their parents. This may be one of the most joyous gigs ever captured on film!


  1. Wiggly Party
  2. Fruit Salad
  3. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
  4. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
  5. Wake Up Jeff!
  6. Look Both Ways
  7. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  8. The Monkey Dance
  9. Henry's Dance
  10. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack)
  11. Captain's Magic Buttons
  12. Nya Nya Nya
  13. Shaky Shaky
  14. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur)
  15. Romp Bomp A Stomp
  16. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
  17. Dressing Up
  18. Wiggle Bay
  19. It's a Christmas Party, On The Goodship Feathersword
  20. Go Santa Go
  21. I Love It When It Rains
  22. We're Dancing With Wags The Dog
  23. I'm a Cow
  24. Play Your Guitar With Murray
  25. Encore - Hot Potato

Deleted Songs

  1. Numbers Rhumba
  2. Baby Baluga
  3. Shake Your Sillies Out
  4. Here Come The Reindeer
  5. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


More coming soon!