TV Series 4 & 5


52 x 11' or 26 x 22' (per series)
104 x 11' or 52 x 22' (total)



Created by

The Wiggles

Original Network

Sprout (US)
NBC Kids (US)
TV3 (New Zealand)[1]

Kidzone (NZ)[2]
Playhouse Disney (AUS/US)
Treehouse TV (CA)
Nick Jr. / Nick Jr. 2 (UK)[3]

Opening Theme

Here Come The Wiggles

Closing Theme

London Town (Dorothy's Ballet only)

Original airdate

18 April 2005 (AUS, TS4)
19 June 2006 (AUS, TS5)
2011 (US)
23 August 2005 (US, TS4)
19 February 2007 (US, TS5)
1 March 2008 (CA, TS5)[4]
June 2008 (AUS, TS5)
1 December 2008 (UK, TS5)
6 April 2009 (AUS, TS4)

Preceded by

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! (TV Series 3)

Followed by

Wiggle and Learn
(TV Series 6)

The Wiggles Show! is the name of TV Series 4 and 5 of The Wiggles.

Series 4 was filmed and produced mainly in 2004 and premiered on ABC TV on 18 April 2005 at 8:00 am[5]. Series 5 premiered a little over a year later, on 19 June 2006 at 8:10 am[6] and the series concluded at the end of that August[7].


Each of these 22-minute episodes listed were originally split into two 11-minute episodes when first aired on ABC. Since none of these 11-minute versions have been released on DVD or iTunes, the episode pages listed are of the more commonly seen 22-minute versions.

For airdates and known information on the 11-minute episodes, see the aptly named tab below.

Premiere dates are from Playhouse Disney airings in America.

TV Series 4 (2005)

  1. Dorothy's Ballet - April 16, 2006
  2. Making Pies - September 19, 2005
  3. Friendly Feathersword Crew - September 12, 2005
  4. When We Were Young - February 13, 2006
  5. Kangaroo Dance - September 26, 2005
  6. Shiver Me Timbers - November 4, 2005
  7. I Swing My Baton - October 18, 2005
  8. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock - December 5, 2005
  9. A Wiggly Mystery - June 26, 2006
  10. Prehistoric Party - August 23, 2005
  11. Wiggly Friends - February 14, 2006
  12. Bow Wow Wow - November 10, 2005
  13. We're Taking A Trip Across The Sea - October 24, 2005
  14. Paint a Portrait - December 30, 2005
  15. S.S Feathersword - November 7, 2005
  16. Eagle Rock - November 15, 2005
  17. Train Dance - November 17, 2005
  18. Bill the Billycart - November 18, 2005
  19. Jack in the Box - November 21, 2005
  20. Fruit Salad - November 22, 2005
  21. Learn About Animals - February 15, 2006
  22. Help Find Jeff - August 21, 2006
  23. I Count 1-10 - February 17, 2006
  24. Picking Flowers - November 23, 2005
  25. Swim With A Friend - February 16, 2006
  26. Bailamos - January 26, 2006

TV Series 5 (2006)

NOTE: Episodes marked with an asterisk (*) means official names have never been given to them by The Wiggles on DVD, iTunes, or otherwise. Our articles on these episodes use the names given to them by Playhouse Disney in America (sourced from tv.com) and the order is based on iTunes and Netflix in Australia.

  1. Fruity Fun - February 19, 2007
  2. Let's Have a Dance! - February 20, 2007
  3. The Wiggle Way - February 21, 2007
  4. Shh! Shh! Shh! - February 22, 2007
  5. A Wiggly Concert - February 23, 2007
  6. Playing a Trick on the Captain - February 26, 2007
  7. The Gorilla Dance - March 5, 2007
  8. Pirate Radio - April 16, 2007
  9. Amazing Alpaca - May 14, 2007
  10. It's Sunny Today - August 6, 2007
  11. Picnic Without Ants* - September 10, 2007
  12. We Like To Say Hello* - September 24, 2007
  13. Wiggly Shopping List* - August 27, 2007
  14. Pirate Dancing - January 14, 2008
  15. Nodding Dance! - March 23, 2007
  16. Musical Bonanza* - February 4, 2008
  17. O'Reilly!* - October 1, 2007
  18. Shingle Back Lizard* - November 19, 2007
  19. Pirate Dancing Shoes* - March 3, 2008
  20. We Can Do So Many Things* - October 22, 2007
  21. Box of Mystery* - April 28, 2008
  22. Look But Don't Touch* - December 10, 2007
  23. Farmer Brown* - May 19, 2008
  24. Watch, Learn, Dance, Sing* - June 2, 2008
  25. Animal Charades* - August 25, 2008
  26. Fun at the Beach* - June 23, 2007

Premiere dates are from ABC1 airings in Australia. Episode titles (where available) come from Sprout airings. Please do not add any additional episode titles unless you can provide a verifiable source.

Note: Episodes that have surfaced online are marked with an asterisk (*); partially available episodes are marked with a double asterisk (**). All others are currently considered lost media.

TV Series 4 (2005)

TV Series 5 (2006)

Click "Expand" for synopses on episodes from archived ABC1 TV schedules.

Jeff shows a white Bengal tiger; the Mariachi Wiggles sing Ensalada de Fruta ('Fruit Salad' in Spanish) and the Little Wiggles use their 'Piano Locating Device' to find little Jeff's piano.

Captain Feathersword as the Captain introduces all his pirate friends and then shows us how to do the pirate dance! You'll also see 'I Can Do So Many Things', 'I'm A Cow' animation and our Irish dancing dinosaur in 'Di-Dicki-Do-Dum'.

Dorothy the Dinosaur sings 'Butterflies Flit', we 'Point our fingers and do the Twist' at a Wiggly Concert, Jeff shows us a beautiful koala, Anthony shows us the letter 'B' and does the 'Bazouki Dance in Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet'.

Murray remembers when everyone helped to make Wiggle house become Home Sweet Home, as Murray says, 'Helping each other is the Wiggle Way'. Anthony introduces us to the letter 'C' and Captain Feathersword does 'The Captain Dance'.

Cricket is fun with Australian test player, Brett Lee. The Mariachi Wiggles sing El Baile Del Chango (Monkey Dance). Greg reminds us to put on our hats, put on our sunscreen and swim with a friend when 'Having Fun at the Beach'.

How do you play soccer on the SS Feathersword? Captain Feathersword and his wiggly friends play the soccer game of the year. Anthony tells us about wearing a safety vest as we "Take A Trip Out On The Sea."

Jeff introduces us to Tom the cockatoo, Anthony shows us the letter "d" and teaches us the dinosaur dance in Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet. We go to a wiggly concert and move our arms around and around with Henry the Octopus.

Anthony reads a musical story about his Wiggly friends; we hear the Japanese song, Haru Ga Kita, which tells of the changing seasons. Jeff shows us a baby chicken and Anthony introduces us the letter "e" and does the elephant dance.

The Wiggles remember when they were young when the radio was broken and little Murray invented the wiggly-windinator to power it! Captain Feathersword and hia crew go "Rolling Down the Sandhills then "Running Up The Sandhills."

Captain Feathersword thinks that everyone has forgotten his birthday. The crew are "Playing A Trick On The Captain" by pretending they have forgotten. It's a happy ending with the crew singing "Have A Happy Birthday Captain"

Jeff tells us all about Australia's native dog, the dingo and then sing about some other animals in "Little Brown Ant" and "Do the Owl". We go to a wiggly concert and sing "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!"

Anthony explains that Lechoo Yeladim means, 'walk children' then we sing and walk to this lovely song. Jeff shows us a wombat with it's wonderful paws for digging and we see beautiful Irish dancing to the "Pipers Waltz".

The Wiggles are dressing up in style - Anthony dresses up as a doctor while Murray wears many different hats. Dorothy the Dinosaur teaches The Little Wiggles to boot scoot and everyone's invited to "Dorothy's Dance Party."

The pirate radio is broken and so Anthony and Jeff use the Big Red Boat to pick up Beccy Bluegrass. Captain Feathersword's magic buttons are fantastic. What happens when the third button is pushed? Can you help us find Jeff?

When you hear a polka, your troubles are through, so we go to a Wiggly concert to dance the "Hoop Dee Do"! It's time for onion, tomato, garlic, zucchini mixed with Wiggly animation to make some wiggly vegetable soup.

Oh no! Anthony's lost his appetite and so Dorothy suggests The Wiggles call Dr Verygood. The Doctor finds that Anthony may have simply over eaten and tells The Wiggles that it's always good to investigate if you're not feeling good.

The Wiggles cruise the ocean blue in The Big Red Boat. We hear the Mandarin Wiggles sing "I Climb Ten Stairs". Jeff introduces us to an Alpaca, a beautiful animal from South America with a lovely long neck and really soft wool!

Join Dorothy the Dinosaur and her Irish dancing friends in "Di Dicki Do Dum"! Everyone loves Admiral Goodbloke. The Captain thinks it is because of his wonderful nautical jacket but you don't need a jacket to be funny and friendly!

It's important to wear a hat on your head when you're out in the sun. Anthony introduces the letter "j" as we do the jumping dance. Captain Feathersword joins us as we sing and dance "Bing Bang Bong", that's a pirate song!

The Wiggles decide to go on a picnic and realise that it's best to bring enough for everyone rather than just themselves. You can't have a picnic without ants to eat the crumbs so The Wiggles sing "Little Brown Ant"

Loosen up everybody! Wiggle your fingers and Wiggle your toes as we "Get Ready to Wiggle". The Little Wiggles decide to go to the beach, but by the time they remember their swimmers, goggles, towels, sun screen and hat's it too late!

The Wiggles say hello in Chinese, Hebrew and Spanish. However you say it, "We Like to Say Hello!" We join the Captain and his friendly pirate crew as they sing while waiting for the storm to pass.

The Wiggles travel to the Johnson's Space Centre to sing "Walking on the Moon". We sing "Five Little Ducks" in Mandarin. Spread your wings and "Do the Owl". Anthony introduces the letter "k" and we do the kangaroo dance.

The Wiggles draw up a Wiggly list so that nothing is missed when they go shopping! The Wiggles count and sing at Wags Warehouse where business is ruff! Anthony introduces us to the letter "l" and then we all join in the lion dance.

The Wiggles sing a counting song about five baby joeys jumping on the bed. We hear Wiggles songs in different languages! The Mandarin Wiggles sing about delicious vegetable soup while the Mariachi Wiggles sing Move Your Arms like Henry.

Captain Feathersword introduces his crew: Alfonso the Italian chef, Elefterious the bazouki player; Benny Bandicoot, tea drinking Dapper Dave, tap dancing Caterina and Lucy, Cool Clarky and Aido the acrobat who back flips.

Dorothy the Dinosaur does her favourite dance the "Romp Bomp A Stomp". We join the Mariachi Wiggles as they sing Ensalada De Fruta and Anthony introduces the letter "m" and does the mashed potato dance in Dorothy's dancing alphabet.

Greg tries to have a magic trick show but Anthony really doesn't know what it means. Anthony has his own version of a magic trick, he makes food disappear! The Wiggles then sing the Milky, Milky, Milky song.

He's big, furry and loves to dig and run and sleep in the midday sun! Let's "Wave to Wags" the Dog! We go to France with some wiggly animation and dance the tango with "Cest Wags Cest Bon"

It's time for a pirate race. Benny Bandicoot will jump like a kangaroo, Cool Clarky will carry the cup of milk until it's all shook up, Aido the acrobat will run on his hands, Alfonso the Italian chef will carry an egg on a spoon!

It's a musical bonanza with a traditional ring game song from the Caribbean, an animated "Here Come the Chicken" and Anthony introduces us to the letter "o" and we all join in doing the octopus dance!

It's rehearsal time but where is Anthony's drums? He's lent them to Bill O'Reilly to use at a fete. Oh really? No O'Reilly! Dorothy's dancing alphabet introduces us to the letter "p" and we do the pirate dance together.

Let's point our fingers and do the twist with The Wiggles! Little Anthony makes a fresh and tasty meal with bananas, apples, grapes and melons. Captain Feathersword wants to wear a jacket with shiny gold buttons with a naval design!

The Wiggles join their Irish dancing friends for some dancing. Anthony even tries to do some jumps in "Bucket of Dew" The Mandarin Wiggles sing I'm a Cow and Jeff introduces us to the Shingle back lizard, its wonderful!

Murray reminds us to wear a hat in the sun then the Wiggles sing "Hat on My Head". Anthony introduces us to the letter "q" and we do the quack quack dance with Captain Feathersword in Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet.

It's time for the Mop- Mop Song with Captain Feathersword and his acrobatic crew, then the rooster dance in Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet. Greg is making soup but Jeff, Anthony and Murray need to clean their hands and face before eating.

Butterflies Flit in Dorothy's Garden. Then it's time to F.L.A.P. We meet Mohan the White Bengal Tiger, one of the biggest cats in the world! Everyone's invited to Dorothy's Dance Party and finally we sing a lullaby "Georgia's Song"

Greg sings "I Can Do So Many Things." All aboard The Good Ship Feathersword…or is it? It's time to put our hats and sunscreen on and join The Captain out on Sydney Harbour on a surprise, piratical, nautical vessel!

You can wiggle all ten toes with the Wiggles and the wiggly dancers on the beach, in the Big Red Car and even on the Big Red Boat! Jeff tells us about baby kangaroos and you can watch as "Five Little Joeys" are jumping on the bed!

At a Wiggly Concert you can do the elephant, do the tiger and do "The Monkey Dance". Then it's off to Wigglehouse to work out if Greg's famous Box of Mystery really is empty! The Wiggles are thirsty so "Gulp Gulp" some water!

Oh me, oh my, Wags the Dog is barking all day and night! What animal lives underground and has a long snout and a long tail? It's a bilby! We learn more interesting facts about bilby's in Jeff's Animal Facts.

Dance with a very special friend of The Wiggles, "Henry the Octopus" then "Move Like An Emu" with the wiggly dancers. Let's visit the Captain and his friendly pirate crew as they "Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo" on the Good Ship Feathersword.

Come driving in the Big Red Car as The Wiggles beep and sing "We Like To Say Hello". Jeff teaches us to look but not touch as we meet a snake, then we "Romp Bomp A Stomp" with Dorothy the Dinosaur and do the umbrella dance.

Greg tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat as he practices some magic tricks then we meet Carla the Rabbit and her brothers, Dominic and Joseph! We learn the letter "v" on Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet and do a vegetable dance with Alfonso!

Learn how to play a bazouki as we sail the high seas with the Captain. We learn pirate exercises, stand on our pirate hands, flex our pirate muscles and do our hair in a cool pirate style as we "Bing Bang Bong" with this pirate song!

Come Irish dancing to "Di Dicki Do Dum" It's quack, quack, quack and cock-a-doodle doo with the Captain and his friendly pirate crew then we meet a baby freshwater crocodile with Jeff!

The Wiggles are having fun "Dressing Up" in style! Then, On Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet we learn about the letter "w" and do The Wiggles dance! Then it's time to go "Walking On The Moon" .

Put your rock and roll crowns to play with the King of Guitars, Murray. We learn that chickens have feathers but can't fly from Jeff's Animal Facts. Then it's off to Wigglehouse to play Animal Charades.

Jump in the car, put on your seatbelt and ride the whole day long in the "Big Red Car". The Little Wiggles are playing cricket but need a bowler. Australian test cricketer Brett Lee happens to walk by and joins in the fun.

It's "Lights, Camera, Action" with a Wiggly concert. We join Captain Feathersword and his friendly crew in a pirate song then its back into the Big Red Car for "Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga".

Let's cruise in the Big Red Boat. Jeff meets a pink cockatoo. Anthony shows us the letter "f" and does the Feathersword dance. It's hats and sunscreen for "having fun at the beach". Then, it's off to a Wiggly concert for a medley.



Wiggly Party, the first song used in Series 4

We Like To Say Hello, the first song used in Series 5

Multiple songs are featured in each episode, including studio songs from recent videos, songs performed in concert and ones made exclusively for the series, filmed at an outdoor location, such as a forest or a beach.

In Series 4, songs from Top of the Tots, LIVE Hot Potatoes! and the not yet released Sailing Around the World video appear. Song title cards are used, with a cartoon Big Red Car or Feathersword revealing the title. Series 5 features song clips from Here Comes The Big Red Car and It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!. It also featured songs filmed during the Santa's Rockin'! Tour.

Several songs in both series are presented in "Wiggly Animation" done by Plastic Wax Animation. In Series 5, animated songs dubbed in Spanish are performed by "The Mariachi Wiggles", while songs dubbed in Mandarin Chinese show The Mandarin Wiggles. Series 5 treats both English and Foreign animation songs more as a segment, with one or two Wiggles almost always introducing both.

Sailing Around the World

Sailing Around the World Series 4 title card

Sailing Around the World Series 5 title card

Focusing on Captain Feathersword and his crew, we see them travel the world and have misadventures on the S.S. Feathersword or at the beach. The Wiggles appear in music videos featured at the end of these segments, although they are seen much less in Series 5's segments. The intro for the segment is the same one used in its eponymous video, with the only difference being its title card.


Wigglehouse title card

Looking much like the Wigglehouse from TV Series 2 (although the layout is different, much of the same furniture is reused or recreated), the segment opens with the chorus of In The Wiggles' World. In the segment, The Wiggles are often seen performing a task, such as Jeff painting a picture of Wigglehouse (which the others mistake for him painting the walls of the house), or Greg cooking Vegetable Soup, prompting the others to wash their hands before they eat. In Series 5, some segments focus on Magic Greg performing magic tricks (such as making milk in a newspaper disappear) and Anthony causing difficulties in his tricks, calling back to similar sketches seen in Series 2. Some Series 5 segments also end in a brief song, either performed live (such as Vegetable Soup) or miming to a short studio recording (such as Gulp Gulp or Here Come The Chicken). The outside of Wigglehouse is never seen in live-action.

Dorothy's Dance Class (S4)/Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet (S5)

Dorothy's Dance Class title card

This segment focuses on Dorothy the Dinosaur and the Wiggly Dancers teaching a specific dance. In Series 5, each dance relates to a letter of the alphabet, which Anthony introduces at Captain's dock. Both segments open up with the chorus of Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?).

The Little Wiggles

The Little Wiggles Series 4 title card

Showing the life of The Wiggles when they were young, very similar to the Wigglehouse segments although typically much shorter in length. In Series 4, each segment is accompanied by a song performed by The Little Wiggles, while Series 5 drops this.

Jeff's Animal Adventures

Jeff with a White Bengal tiger in the first Jeff's Animal Adventures segment

This segment, which appears only in Series 5, sees Jeff showcase some animals around a zoo. These are usually less than 30 seconds and are set to the instrumental of Anthony's Workshop. The segment is never given a name on-screen, although the description to The Pick of TV Series 5 DVD calls it "Jeff's Animal Adventures". These segments were filmed at Tarronga Zoo in Sydney.

Version Differences

The original 11-minute versions that aired on ABC are very similar to 22-minute versions. Unlike TV Series 3 and 6, where songs and segments are shuffled around to change the running time, every episode in the 22-minute versions has a song or segment ends at the exact 11-minute mark. Thus, the 11-minute versions are simply those episodes split in half, with a brief scene of The Wiggles saying goodbye added to the end of the first half (as well as credits laid over the last 30 seconds or so) and the theme song placed before the second half. Some other brief edits are made to make each episode exactly 11 minutes, such as some songs or Dorothy's Dance Class segments being shortened in Series 4 to make room for the theme song or end scene. In Series 5, some short scenes of The Wiggles and their friends dancing or waving between segments in the 22-minute versions are removed in the 11-minute versions for the same reasons.

Tie-in Videos

Videos that were produced alongside the series include Sailing Around the World was released in 2005 around the time of TV Series 4, while Here Comes The Big Red Car and It's Time to Wake Up Jeff! were released around the same time as TV Series 5 in 2006. These three videos and the two series share many of the same segments and songs. Because Sailing Around the World is almost entirely new songs with a continued theme and focus on Captain Feathersword and the latter two videos are remakes of previous videos Big Red Car and Wake Up Jeff! respectively, it can be assumed these shared scenes were most likely made for the videos first.

However, Splish Splash Big Red Boat, released the same day as It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!, is a more straightforward clip show of TV Series 5. It is made up of a variety of songs and segments from that series (plus one from Series 4), almost all of which had appeared in previous videos, with no real theme tying them together.

Racing to the Rainbow, released on DVD after TV Series 5 had ended, used the same Wigglehouse and S.S. Feathersword sets, though with a noticeably different look to the shots, as it was The Wiggles' first studio video to be filmed in High Definition. Bloopers from Series 5 and its related videos were included as a bonus feature on Racing to the Rainbow's DVD, further tying it in with the series.

Home Video Releases

iTunes cover artwork (Series 4)

iTunes cover artwork (Series 5)

Unlike the three series prior, neither series was ever given a complete DVD box set. However, in June 2010, two compilations were released containing the first 9 episodes of each series (22-minute versions), The Wiggles Show: The Pick of TV Series 4 and Ready, Steady, Wiggle! The Pick of TV Series 5. They were only released in Australia and New Zealand and, as of 2021, are currently out of print.

In these same regions, both complete series was available on iTunes using artwork similar to the DVD releases. Both series were presented in 360p, a resolution height over 200 pixels smaller than the original 576i resolution. Series 4 was also in mono sound despite being created in stereo. Neither is currently available for purchase. Series 5 was also available for streaming on Netflix in Australia, though it was removed in 2018. But they are still available on Google Play & YouTube for Australia & New Zealand fans.


  • Series 4 took a hiatus in airing on ABC1 between May 27 and August 8, although Episode 31 premiered after an airing of Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! on June 13.[60]
  • Despite it having been released between Top of the Tots and Sailing Around the World, none of the songs from the Cold Spaghetti Western appear in Series 4 (not counting We're The Cowboys and which appears in animation).
  • This is the second and last series in their 2002 era skivvys.
  • Episode 3 of Series 5 aired out of order, as other programming took the show's spot on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 schedule.[61] It aired the next Monday instead.
  • This is the first series to have Christmas songs, despite not being December yet.
  • In Series 4, Officer Beaples made a return in Wiggly Animation, while in Series 5, she finally made her live-action return.
  • Most background music in this series are instrumental renditions of various songs, while some background music is reused from The Wiggles Movie, TV Series 1 and TV Series 2.
  • Series 4 was the first series not to feature the song "Get Ready To Wiggle", while Series 5 was the last one to feature "Wake Up Jeff!".
  • Songs in Series 5 later appeared in Splish Splash Big Red Boat and Lights, Camera, Action! 好戲上場.
  • Series 5 was the final series to be shot at the Sydney Film and Television Studios.
  • Every time the songs during the Series 5 episodes start and end, the footage is slightly extended or cut off.
  • This is the first TV Series to air on Treehouse TV in Canada.
  • In Series 5, The Wiggles reused songs from some of their previous albums such as Here Comes a Song from 1992, a year after The Wiggles began.
  • This was Greg's last aired TV series as a Wiggle, though a sixth series was partially shot with him before being replaced by Sam.
  • This is Murray Wiggle and Jeff Wiggle's penultimate aired TV series.
  • The songs in Series 4 and 5 came from various videos from Top of the Tots to It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!
  • This is the first series to use Circus Mouse Bold font, though some parts still used the fonts Wiglet and P22 Daddy O Hip.


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