The Wiggly Dancers, as they appear in "Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!"

The Wiggly Dancers are a musical troupe who have toured with The Wiggles and appeared in their videos, DVDs and TV programs. They play most of their minor roles. They often wear red coats with music notes. The black pants were initially colour-striped with one solid Wiggle colour which would later be for The Wiggles from 2007 to 2012, but they were soon replaced by multi Wiggle-coloured stripes. The costumes changed in 2007 to have the jackets be shorter and the pants stripes solid red again, for an unknown reason (the classic red coats were reused for a few occasions like some original line-up reunion shows). Now they also wear clown costumes seen in Celebration! Their first appearance was in Toot Toot, but their red coats didn't appear until Wiggly Party: Live in Concert, then making their video debut on Wiggly Safari.

Since 2013, they have appeared less often as their numbers have decreased. They still wear red and black, but they now also dress up in costume of some sort or wear a green sparkling jacket and black pants.  As of 2020, the main line-up of Wiggly Dancers include Dominic Field, Lucy Wiggan, Samuel McKeown and Caterina MeteOliver Brian, Nollaig Heraty, David O' Reilly and Michael McFadden have appeared at concerts dressed as Wiggly Dancers, but fill musician duties instead.

Guest Wiggly Dancers have appeared off and on again throughout the videos, most notably Andrew Koblar, Michael McFadden, Lucky Lartey and his friend Pepsie and Tim Cheeseman. 


  • In Top of the Tots, Greg called them "the red coat dancers."
  • The girls first wore pants in the earlier videos, but when the costumes changed in 2007, they started to wear skirts.
  • The Wiggles wore their red coats in Hats
  • They've been working for The Wiggles since 1998, but they were just credited as Dancers until 2002.
  • They sometimes have speaking roles in the videos or a TV Series.
  • In some concerts in 2004-2006, Sam Moran was the only dancer to wear a headset mic for extra backing vocals and when he is performing Professor Singalottasonga.
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