The Zeezap Song is a Wiggles song from Space Dancing! (An Animated Adventure).

Song Lyrics

Somewhere out there, amongst the stars,
(Due east of Earth, turn right at Mars)
There's travelers, explorers, adventure bound,
they speak a new language and make funny sounds

Zonk Zee is the captain of the ship,
he's one cool customer, (He's really hip)
He's the envy of many, a hero to some,
and his driving skills are second to none

(Zee zank zow) "Means "Let's be friends"
(Zadda zup zung) "That's How do you do?"
(Zacker zucker zulu) "It's a pleasure to meet you"
Zender zuper zippie ("Is Whoop de do!")

This time, the captain is looking for Earth
(So the humans can share in the Zeezap mirth)
And when he sees that magic blue ball,
He plans to arrive there in no time at all

(Zee zank zow) "Means "Let's be friends"
(Zadda zup zung) "Is How do you do?"
(Zacker zucker zulu) "It's a pleasure to meet you"
(Zender zuper zippie!) Is "Whoop-dee-doo!"

But the Zeezaps don't know a human face
(And the cows and the chickens seem to run the place)
So the Zeezaps decide to say hello,
To the farm animals in the field below

(Zee zank zow) "Means Let's be friends"
(Zadda zup zung) "Well, that's how do you do?"
(Zacker zucker zulu) "Oh, yeah, that's It's a pleasure to meet you"
(Zender zuper zippie) "well that's whoop de do)
(Zender zuper zippie) "whoop de doo!"
(Zender zuper zippie) "whoop dee doo!"
(Zender zuper zippie) "whoop dee doo!"
(Zender zuper zippie! "whoop dee doo!"
(Yes! what a great language!)

Song Credits

Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field, Dominic Lindsay, Greg Truman (Wiggly Tunes)
Vocals: Greg Page, Paul Paddick
Guitar: Anthony Field, John Field
Bass: Murray Cook
Drums: Tony Henry
Brass: Dominic Lindsay
Percussion: Steve Machamer
Piano: Steve Blau
Keyboards: Jeff Fatt
Backing Vocals: The Manzilla Singers (The Wiggles, Paul Paddick, Craig Abercrombie, Sam Moran & Simon Pryce)
Musical Arrangements: The Wiggles, Dominic Lindsay
Recorded and mixed by Electric Avenue Studios, Sydney, Australia by Robin Gist
Mastered at Studio 301 by Don Bartley





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