“There Was a Princess (episode)”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 20

June 6th, 2008

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The Banana Boat

There Was a Princess is the 20th episode of the 11-minute version of Wiggle and Learn.


  1. There Was A Princess (from Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  2. Frère Jacques (from Pop Go The Wiggles!)


Sam recites and sings this tale about the princess. Murray plays the guitar. Lyn plays the princess. Emily plays the queen. Later after the princess falls asleep and the forest grew around, there's supposed to be a gallant prince. That would be Sam. Captain takes over and sings the second half of the story.

Wags arrives and greets the audience showing a book about Wild Animals. Wags greets Dorothy and tells her about the book. "Let's play a game. I'll be a wild animal from the book and you have to guess what I am." Wags hands Dorothy the book. Wags moves one of his arms back and forth and squeals. Dorothy says that's an elephant. Wags moves both his arms and goes "ooo-ooo-ooo" Dorothy says that's a monkey. Wags affirms a very big monkey? Dorothy guesses a gorilla and she's right. Wags says now he's a very tall animal, and he makes motions like he's raises one of his hands. Dorothy guesses a giraffe. Now it's Dorothy's turn. She looks in the book and hands it to Wags. Dorothy leaves. Wags looks in the book. Dorothy comes back with a brown blanket over her head. She goes, "rarrrr rarrrr rarrrr" Wags isn't sure. Lion or tiger? Dorothy roars again. Wags says he doesn't remember which one has a mane and which one has stripes. Dorothy suggests he look in the book. Wags checks the book and has it. She's a lion because she has a mane. He shows the picture to the audience. Dorothy laughs and says that's right. Dorothy and Wags look in the book some more for more animals.