This Way and That is the 12th episode of the 11-minute version of Wiggle and Learn.


  1. Did You Ever See A Lassie? (from Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  2. Smell Your Way Through The Day (from Getting Strong!)
  3. Skip To My Lou (from Pop Go The Wiggles!)


Wags is reading a book about crocodiles and alligators. Dorothy arrives and asks what he is reading. Wags answers and comments how they are hard to tell the difference. He asks Dorothy if she's related to them. Dorothy replies she think she is, but she's different. Alligators and crocodiles are fierce and she isn't. They're good swimmers and Dorothy isn't a good swimmer. Wags asks what they eat. Dorothy says they eat fish and meat. Wags asks, "Not rose petals?" Dorothy giggles and replies, "No, I don't think so." She asks Wags if he's like to play a crocodile game and Wags agrees and stands up. Dorothy will be the crocodile and stand over on the other side of the yard. She tells Wags to say "What's the time, Mrs. Crocodile?" Wags does so and Dorothy replies, "3 o'clock" That means Wags should take 3 steps. Wags does that and understand how it works. If Dorothy says, "Dinner Time," she will turn around and try to catch him, so he should run away when that happens. They start the game. Wags asks, "What's the time, Mrs. Crocodile?" Dorothy answers, "1 o'clock." Wags takes 1 step. Wags asks, "What's the time, Mrs. Crocodile?" Dorothy answers, "2 o'clock." Wags takes 2 steps. Wags asks, "What's the time, Mrs. Crocodile?" Dorothy answers, "Dinner Time" and turns around chasing Wags. They run out.

Murray says it's time for a nursery rhyme.

Murray arrives on stage with a mandolin. He plays a song and the audience plays. He starts the second verse, but gets stuck. He calls over Anthony who has a guitar and finishes the song. They both bow.

Anthony introduces the next segment.

Painting with Music

Murray and Jeff are wearing cowboy hats. Murray plays his electric guitar and Jeff then plays his keyboard. They're going to paint a farm picture. What do they need? Chickens - Let's all say "Chickens." Murray plays his guitar making sounds like chicken clucking. Pictures of chickens get drawn in. What animal next? Horses - Let's all say "Horses." Jeff plays the clopping sound of horses and the horses are drawn in. What animal next? Cows - Let's all say "Cows." Jeff plays his keyboard and changes the tone, making a mooing sound. Murray does the same with his guitar, making a mooing sound. Another cow appears in the picture.

More dancing through.