Travel is the twentieth episode of Series 2.


The Wiggles are off to the beach, but they realize the Big Red Car is full!


  1. Big Red Car
  2. Look Both Ways from Toot Toot!
  3. Wiggly Medley from The Wiggly Big Show


The Wiggles have over-packed the Big Red Car for their trip to the beach. Greg brings medical supplies. Murray brings his guitar and rain gear. Anthony brings his food and his comic books, just in case they get stuck in traffic, he'll have something to be entertained with.

Song 1: Big Red Car (new video, from the album Big Red Car)

Wags is dancing in front of Captain Feathersword. Captain remarks on how there are many different kinds of dogs, and tries to identify Wags to try and figure out his doggy breed. Lap dog? No, too big. Guard dog? No, Wags is too kind. Aha, how about a working dog? Captain tells Wags he is a working dog and therefore he should pull the Captain, who is sitting on a wagon. Wags agrees and yanks Captain Feathersword right off the wagon. Captain says "No no no, pull the wagon!" Wags proceeds to pull the wagon away. Captain Feathersword gets upset but then considers that maybe he could grow a bigger Lap so Wags could sit on it.

Dorothy arrives at Wigglehouse with her stuff as well. Now the car is full of all sorts of objects. Anthony and Murray ask if they're ready to go, but Greg is upset that there's no room for anyone to get in. It'll take all day to unpack the car, that they might as well walk or something. But first, they need to find Jeff. Where's Jeff? After Flora Door reveals that Jeff isn't inside of Wigglehouse, they shout out for Jeff, but barely hear him. He's actually buried underneath some of the stuff in the car. Jeff asks if they're there yet, but Greg says they can't go anywhere with too much stuff packed, so Jeff decides to take a nap. Dorothy is sad; she really wanted to travel. The Wiggles come up with different ideas for traveling and imitate the motions with Dorothy although Greg them says they are not getting anywhere, they are still "here". Jeff asks again if they're there yet, but they tell him to go back to sleep. Then they decide since they can't travel with the car, they might as well try The Magical Wiggle Way. Jeff wakes up and quickly stumbles his way out.

The Magical Wiggle Way involves all sorts of transportation, including a fire engine, a motor boat, a billy cart, a train, an airplane and a hot air balloon that they bail out of and somehow safely land on the beach without parachutes.

Song 2: Look Both Ways (from Toot Toot!)

The Wiggles talk about how in the old days, people had to travel by walking. Flash back to Wiggle Cavemen days when the Wiggles were about to leave a cave but needed some motivation to move forward. Murray works a deal with Wags, and Wags scares off the other Wiggles so they get running to their destination.

Dorothy gathers everyone around her garden as she had thought a Wiggle Way idea for a Wiggly Concert!

Song 3: Wiggly Medley (from The Wiggly Big Show)