Ukulele Baby!
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Release Date

March 3, 2011



Running Time

1:00:26 (AUS Version)
1:01:07 (US & UK Version)

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Ukulele Baby! is the thirty-sixth Wiggles video. It was released in 2011 and was filmed in 2010.


The Wiggles go on an adventure at the beach and sing songs. Including ones with what children love like "Everybody Loves a Puppy" or "When I'm Painting" and much more!

Song List

  1. When I Strum My Ukulele
  2. Hula, Hula Baby
  3. How Many Fingers Do I See?
  4. Henry's Spinning
  5. You Can Play the Ukulele
  6. I'm Waving to You
  7. Cluck, Cluck City
  8. The Good Ship Fabulous Flea! (Featuring Rolf Harris)
  9. How Many You Want?
  10. Hawaiian Boogie
  11. Ooki, Ooki, Ooki, Hear That Old Bouzouki
  12. Hey Hey It's Saturday (Australian Version)
  13. Thank You, Mr. Weatherman! (American and UK Version)
  14. Spagnola (Instrumental)
  15. My Curly Sue Doll
  16. Round and Round, Round and Round
  17. Bambino (Instrumental)
  18. Everybody Loves a Puppy
  19. Doo, Doo-Doo, Doo!
  20. La Paloma
  21. When I'm Painting
  22. Toy Box

Release Dates

  • Australia: March 3, 2011
  • UK: May 30, 2011
  • America: August 9, 2011


  • During Toy Box, Captain can be seen holding a rubix cube. He is also seen briefly picking up a magic wand possibly as a reference to Greg and you can see a toy Big Red Car. 
  • This is the eleventh video with Sam.
  • During When I Strum My Ukulele, Anthony wears the Gremlin Hat from Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!.
  • Anthony's brother Paul makes a cameo appearance in Henry's Spinning.
  • This is the last video to be made by Warner Bros. in the US.
  • Simon Pryce returns in this video as Ringo the Ringmaster.
  • This marks the 4th time Jeff doesn't play the Accordion.
  • There is a alternate scene of Carla and the puppy that wasn't used in this video but it can be seen TV Series 8.



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Promo Photos

  • The Wiggles and Daryl Somers
  • Bongiwe and Manuella
  • Delphie and Mya walking
  • Behind the Scenes: "Everybody Loves a Puppy"
  • Delphie and Mya
  • Marcfranco and Ella walking
  • Marcfranco and Ella
  • Carla and Gracie walking
  • Carla and Gracie
  • Bongiwe and Manuella walking
  • "Hey Hey It's Saturday"
  • Daryl Somers and Ringo the Ringmaster
  • "How Many Fingers Do I See?"
  • "How Many You Want?"
  • The Wiggles holding their ukuleles.
  • The Wiggly Group
  • "Doo, Doo-Doo, Doo!"
  • Anthony and Peter O'Doherty
  • Jeff playing ukulele
  • Murray playing the weissenborn
  • Dorothy
  • "Round and Round, Round and Round"
  • Wags
  • Captain Feathersword dressing up as a duck
  • Cluck, Cluck City"
  • Captain Feathersword and the toy box
  • "Toy Box"
  • Jade and Bongiwe painting
  • Michael, Jade and Bongiwe
  • Jeff and the kids piainting
  • "La Paloma"
  • Sam and the kids
  • "I'm Waving to You"
  • The Wiggles
  • "Hawaiian Boogie"
  • Dorothy and the female dancers
  • The Wiggly Dancers
  • Ringo, Jeff and Captain Feathersword
  • "Spagnola"
  • The Other Wiggles
  • Wags and the folk band members
  • The Wiggles and Wags in the Big Red Car
  • "Ooki, Ooki, Ooki, Hear That Bouzouki"
  • Hugo playing the ukulele
  • Hugo playing the ukulele
  • Captain Feathersword
  • "When I'm Painting"
  • Simon, Rachael, Captain and Henry
  • "Henry's Spinning"
  • "Henry's Spinning"
  • "Everybody Loves a Puppy"
  • Anthony and Ringo the Ringmaster
  • "Hula, Hula Baby"
  • "Hula, Hula Baby"
  • Jeff and Dorothy
  • "My Curly Sue Doll"
  • "My Curly Sue Doll"
  • "When I Strum My Ukulele"
  • Anthony and Matt French
  • Anthony, Maria and Lucia
  • Lucia Field
  • Maria Field
  • Anthony, Maria and the Wiggly Dancers
  • Murray and the band members
  • The Field Family
  • The Field Family dancing
  • Dorothy
  • Anthony and Antonio
  • "Goodbye Dance"
  • The Wiggles holding ukuleles in promo picture
  • Jeff showing 10 fingers
  • Behind the Scenes: "Everybody Loves a Puppy"
  • Behind the Scenes: "The Goodship Fabulous Flea"
  • "The Goodship Fabulous Flea"
  • Rolf Harris
  • Maria and Lucia
  • Lucia, Miki and Carla dancing
  • The Wiggles in Behind the Scenes picture
  • Anthony, Paul Field Matt French
  • Behind the Scenes: "Bambino"
  • Murray holding 10 fingers in promo picture
  • The Wiggles counting Jeff's toes
  • The Wiggles playing ukuleles

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