A picture of Vanessa from the Stories and Songs back cover

"Vanessa Fallon-Rohanna" was a former dancer who worked with The Wiggles in the early days playing as Henry the Octopus. When she first worked with The Wiggles, she played a role of Penelope the girl pirate in Stories and Songs: The Adventures Of Captain Feathersword, The Friendly Pirate. She also appeared in videos by her face showing in the video Yummy Yummy as Lucy Fixit and in a ABC For Kids 1998 video: Showtime. She is the sister of Jacqueline Fallon who married to John Field.

Song Credits

Stories & Songs: The Adventures Of Captain Feathersword, The Friendly Pirate

  • Story - Meet Captain Feathersword & His Friends - Vocals
  • Story - The Storm - Vocals
  • Song - Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea - Vocals
  • Story - Captain Feathersword's Treasure Chest - Vocals
  • Story - The Day Penelope, Raj & Irman Surprised Captain Feathersword - Vocals
  • Song - We're Playing A Trick On The Captain - Vocals
  • Song - Have A Happy Birthday Captain - Vocals


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