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"Vini Vini" is a song from The Wiggles debut album and Wiggledance! Live in Concert.

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The Wiggles (album)

Wiggledance! Live in Concert


17 Vini Vini


  • This song is part of the Let's Wiggle book.
  • In the introduction to this song on Wiggledance! Live in Concert, Murray announces that song is from Samoa.
  • The Wiggles originally thought that the song was traditional, and therefore avaliable for free public use. However, in 1998, a composer named Yves Roche claimed ownership of the song which led to The Wiggles releasing new versions of The Wiggles (album) and Wiggledance! Live in Concert with the song removed.
  • The 1991 version plays in D whereas the 1997 version plays in D-sharp.


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