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Wags the Dog is a tall, brown dog with floppy ears, a big nose and a big "W" on his chest. He is Captain Feathersword's best friend.

The way Wags works is that the performer inside can see through the nose. Plus, on top of his head, there's a vent so the performer can have some breathing space.


  • He was the last of the core group of four Wiggly Friends to be created, in 1993, although he wasn't an official Wiggly Friend until 1995 (before then, he appeared as a "guest" or occassional minor friend similar to Hoot the Owl).
  • Anthony Field created him because he knew kids liked dogs.
  • Wags originally did not speak, instead communicating through barking. We're able to hear his thoughts in some episodes of TV Series 2, but Wags began speaking out loud in It's Time to Wake Up Jeff. Since then, he is sometimes portrayed as being able to speak, and other times simply barks as he originally did.
  • In The Wiggles World, he usually plays a trick on Paul.
  • He was absent in the book Shake, Wiggle and Roll.

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