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"Wags the Dog" is, as the name implies, the first song about Wags the Dog.


01 Wags the Dog

1995 Prologue Transcript

Jeff: Hey, Murray, where are you going with those bones?

Murray: This food's for Wags the Dog, he kept me awake all last night, he was barking because he was hungry!

Anthony: Food? Did you say food, Murray? I'm really hungry!

Greg: Oh, Anthony, you're always hungry!

Murray: Anthony, this food's for Wags the Dog, not Anthony the Wiggle!

Anthony: (Barking)


Here comes Wags, my dog Wags
He eats so much as his tummy drags
Oh me, oh my
He barks all day and night

He runs around and digs the ground
He plays with bones and he makes this sound
Oh me, oh my
He barks all day and night

I love Wags so much that I pat his head
But all night long, I hear him bark
While I'm lying in my bed

I want to sleep, I can't sleep
He'll stop barking if I give him something to eat
Oh me, oh my. He barks all day and night



Song Credits

J.Field, M.Cook, J.Fatt, A.Field, G.Page

ReWiggled: A Tribute to The Wiggles

© 2011 The Snowdroppers. Recorded at Linear Studios by Chris Vallejo


  • This song gives thanks to Terry Murray for the guitar work and Greg Truman for the backing vocals.
  • An instrumental track of the song is played on Wiggledancing! Live In The U.S.A..
  • Anthony voices Wags the Dog in this song.
  • The intro for the 1997 Live and 2006 versions had one Wiggle as another Wiggle what Wags looks like while he's standing behind that Wiggle
  • The 1995 instrumental track is played in the TV Series 2 episode: Family.
  • The 1995 version plays in A, the 2007 version in Wiggles World plays in E.


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