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“We Feel Like Dancing”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 1

May 12th, 2008

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Episode 52
The Wiggle Medley


The Shimmie Shake

We Feel Like Dancing is the 1st 11-minute Wiggle and Learn episode.


  1. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  2. A Sailor Went To Sea/Hornpipe (from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  3. D Is For Dorothy (from Getting Strong!)


Leo and Sam take turns singing lead, and the Wiggles are asked to sing in Greek halfway through the song.

Each Wiggle takes a turn singing a verse of "A Sailor Went To Sea" but with some changes. Anthony's first verse is straightforward, then Murray replaces the word sea/see with "chop". Jeff's verse replaces sea/see with "knee" and finally Sam finishes with "sea, chop, knee".

Anthony's drum roll on the snare transitions the song to the Hornpipe dance, performed by Clare, Emily and Megan with the Wiggles cheering on through the boat's portholes.

Anthony says it's time to paint a picture with music.

Painting with Music

Murray and Jeff are at the beach. Murray plays some guitar, and then Jeff plays his keyboard. They need your help. They're at the beach and they have sunscreen on but what's next? What do they need? Waves. Let's say "Waves!" Murray plays that surfing motif on his guitar as waves in the background are drawn in. What else do they need? How about boats? Let's say "Boats!" Jeff plays the Captain Feathersword theme song as boats appear. What else? How about seagulls. Let's say "Seagulls!" Murray plays his guitar with some wah wah sounds with his whammy bar as seagulls get drawn in. Murray thanks everyone for helping paint the picture.

The Wiggly Dancers dance the plies.