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Wiggle Time! is a special Wiggles series. It was originally screened in 2018 at Federation Square in Melbourne[1], and has since aired on Treehouse TV in Canada in 2019. It is unknown if or when it will air anywhere else.


The new Wiggles series "Wiggle Time!" consists of themed episodes from The Wiggles that feature favourite segments from classic series, along with new introductions and additional material.


According to ABC Content Sales, there are 6 twenty minute episodes. These are:

  1. Planes, Trains, Boats & Wiggly Cars
  2. Yummy, Yummy!
  3. So Many Animals to See
  4. Wiggle and Learn
  5. Quiet Time with The Wiggles
  6. Dancing with The Wiggles


  • This is a series of themed clips from existing current generation Wiggles videos.
  • Federation Square offered this as a promotion to order tickets for the Wiggle Pop! Big Show tour across Australia.
  • This is the shortest Wiggles series ever.



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