Wigglehouse is, as the name implies, where The Wiggles live.



  • Design #1: Wigglehouse made its debut in Yummy Yummy (it never was called that until The Wiggles Movie). It consisted of a kitchen, a lounge room, a patio and "Anthony's Workshop." There is no outer design.
  • Design #2: The Wigglehouse returns in The Wiggles Movie, and appears to be pink with orange bricks, a piano porch, an attic (never seen) and Door, who requires anyone to do the Test to get in. This version of the house is one floor, with The Wiggles Sign, a chicken vane, a Wiggly Kitchen with Anthony's Catapult Apple Tree, a Lounge/Living Room with bean bags, Jeff's Purple Armchair, a Wiggly TV, a spot for Murray's Red Starry Guitar and The Wiggles' Bedrooms. Unlike later versions, Door does not actually open; instead, he tears off the house's front wall. This house was altered for Let's Wiggle (TV Series). The house has the same features, but has a Wiggly Garage (Seen in Toot Toot!) and walls are blue with orange bricks (Although in Muscleman Murray, it's pink). Door also has a doorknob, allowing him to open normally.
  • Design #3: Arguably the most known version, the next house was changed for Wiggles World (TV Series). The Wiggles now live on Wiggle Street with yellow and orange bricks, instead of a Piano porch on the front, there are piano steps. Door is replaced by Flora Door. There are two floors, on one their bedrooms then downstairs are the Wiggly Lounge, a Wiggly Kitchen, with a new table, a couch which replaces the bean bags, Jeff's Alarm Clock Chair doesn't have bells at the top of the chair, a Wiggly TV and a giant rug with The Wiggles logo. The garage was removed around this time.
  • Space Dancing! variant: This version of the house looks visually similar to the previous design, both inside and out, but the orange dotted carpet has been replaced with a red and dark blue checker design and the fireplace has a slightly different design. The outside of this version would later be used for the opening sequence of Getting Strong!. The outside looks a bit different. Instead of the drainpipe being in a zig-zag pattern, it's curvy instead.
  • Design #4: The next variations of Wigglehouse would look like the 3rd version, but everything is on one floor and the giant rug and Wiggly TV isn't there. And instead of going through Flora Door, The Wiggles use the side door in the kitchen. Most of the time Flora never talks and is either with the animated house or the stage version of the house. The Dreamworld version of the house was used for Racing to the Rainbow, while the stage version was used for It's Time to Wake Up Jeff! and Splish Splash Big Red Boat. The garage (albeit one of a different design) was later added back for Wiggle and Learn, which uses the virtual set of the house. 
  • Design #5: The house has now reverted back to the third design layout for Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series 1) because of the arrival of Simon, Emma and Lachy. Like Racing to the Rainbow, the outside is filmed at Dreamworld. Beginning in 2014, the walls of the Wigglehouse became light blue instead of orange
  • Current: With the third series of Ready, Steady, Wiggle!, the house has now shrunken to the size of the entrance point of the building. In addition to that, the fence around the house were made to be Wiggle-coloured pencils. Despite the small size on the outside, the inside of the house is much bigger.

Rooms and features

The rooms within Wigglehouse have varied throughout the years, with additions and removals. Here are each of the rooms that were featured in each iteration:

The Wiggles Movie/TV Series 1/Taiwanese

  • Combined living room/kitchen
  • The Wiggles' bedrooms
  • Garage (exterior only)

TV Series 2

  • First floor
    • Entryway
    • Lounge room
    • Kitchen
  • Second floor
    • The Wiggles' bedrooms
    • Bathroom

The Wiggles Show!

  • Lounge room
  • Kitchen
  • The Wiggles' bedrooms

Wiggle and Learn

  • Sunroom

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!(1 & 2)/Wiggle House

  • Lounge room
  • Kitchen
  • The Wiggles' bedrooms
    • Anthony’s room
    • Simon's room
    • Lachy's room
    • Emma's room

Fruit Salad TV/Halloween Party

  • Kitchen

Inconsistent sleeping situation

Most depictions of Wigglehouse depict each Wiggle having their own bedroom. In the book Go To Sleep, Jeff!, The Wiggles are shown sleeping in the same room, albeit on separate beds. However, the book A Wiggly Mystery depicts the Wiggles on bunk beds.