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Welcome to Wigglepedia, the unofficial database on the famous children's band, The Wiggles!

Formed in 1991, The Wiggles currently consist of founding member Anthony Field (blue), as well as Lachy Gillespie (purple), Simon Pryce (red) and Emma Watkins (yellow). For 30 years, they've released countless beloved and award-winning CDs, DVDs, TV series, books and more all across the world!

Who are The Wiggles and their friends?

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"Have a 'bowtiful' day!"
Which Wiggle knows all about dance? It's Emma, the dancing girl with the bow in her hair! She knows ballet, tap, Irish, Highland, jazz, hip-hop, line dancing and of course how to wiggle! With The Wiggles celebrating their 30th birthday throughout 2021, we're honouring Emma Watkins' birthday in September!

Featured Album


What do you do when you need dancing help? Just Dial E For Emma! This solo Emma album from 2016 accompanied her first full length video, and introduced hit songs like "Brisé in the Breeze", "Pigtail Polka and the title track. Also included are some classic Wiggles songs and nursery rhymes newly adapted for Emma's style, like "To Have A Tea Party", "Mary Mary" and "Music Box Ballet".

Featured Episode


Dance with Emma in the "Garden of Daisies", an episode of her second series. Emma dresses like a detective, presents a goat from her music box, performs ballet exercises, sings with fisher folk and dances with mimes!