Wiggletastic is a the 38th episode of the 11-minute version of Wiggle and Learn.


Anthony comes out to stage with a mandolin. He strums a verse of a song, and the audience applauds afterwards. Then he goes to play it again but gets stuck on what comes next. Jeff arrives with his accordion and finishes the motif. The audience applauds and they both take a bow.

Dorothy introduces a segment.

What Happens Next? It's Up to You!

At the dockyard, Captain Feathersword and the Wiggles compare sizes, heights, and other opposites, such as high and low notes.

What Am I?

Anthony is singing Old MacDonald, when Murray arrives. He notices Anthony is dressed up and asks about his outfit: Murray says Anthony's hat is a policeman's hat. Anthony replies "Oh, no, it's not." Murray answers, "Oh, yes, it is." After a few exchanges, Anthony tells Murray to ask the audience. Murray asks the camera and gets the message that it's a farmer's hat. Anthony points to his overalls. Murray says those are the farmer's overalls. He got that one right. Anthony points to his long sleeved plaid shirt. Murray says that's a doctor's coat. "Oh, no, it's not." "Oh, yes, it is." The arguing goes again. Anthony tells Murray to ask the audience again. Murray asks the camera and learns it's indeed a farmer's shirt. Anthony points to his boots. Murray knows this one; he says they are ballet slippers. "Oh, no, it's not." "Oh, yes, it is." After a few rounds of that, Murray asks the audience and learns they are farmer's gumboots. Now it's time to guess what Anthony is. Murray still doesn't know, and asks for a hint. Anthony sings a line of Old MacDonald, and Murray knows now: Anthony is a farmer! Murray asks Anthony where he is going. Anthony replies he's going to plant some corn, and they go.