Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas
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October 13, 1997 (Original AUS)
November 8, 1999 (AUS Re-release)
October 24, 2000 (US VHS)
October 22, 2002 (US Hit Entertainment VHS Re-release)
September 30, 2003 (US DVD)
October 9, 2006 (AUS DVD)


July/August 1997 (Studio)
September 1996 (Santa's Sleigh Scenes)


The Wiggles

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The Wiggles

Directed & Produced by

Dean Covell

Running Time

41:29 (1997 Version)
43:10 (1999 Version)

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"Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas" is the sixth Wiggles Video, and also the first Christmas-themed Wiggles Video. It was released on October 13, 1997. and it was filmed in September 1996-July-August 1997.

The video was re-released in 1999, with Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer cut out, and Wiggly Christmas Medley added. This was the version of the video used in international releases, as well as the one uploaded in four parts to The Wiggles' official YouTube channel as part of the Classic Wiggles collection, beginning with Part 1 being released on November 12, 2018. This video was later remade in 2017 with the NG Wiggles (Emma, Lachy and Simon).


Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas is a terrific music compilation of new and favourite Christmas Songs. Jeff, Greg, Anthony and Murray join a fun cast of characters in performing both upbeat, familiar carols and creating their own brand of new Christmas classics with all of their friends.

Song List

All songs are taken from the album Wiggly Wiggly Christmas, unless listed otherwise.

  1. "Have a Very Merry Christmas"
  2. "Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas"
  3. "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" (1997 version only)
  4. "Here Comes Santa Claus" (new song)
  5. "Go Santa Go"
  6. "Ding Dong Merrily on High"
  7. "Christmas Star"
  8. "Unto Us, This Holy Night"
  9. "Felice Navidad"
  10. "Jingle Bells"
  11. "Christmas Picnic"
  12. "Let's Clap Hands for Santa Claus"
  13. "Henry's Christmas Dance"
  14. "Jeff's Christmas Tune" (Instrumental)
  15. "It's a Christmas Party, On The Goodship Feathersword"
  16. "Away in a Manger"
  17. "Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree"
  18. "Silent Night"
  19. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
  20. "Wiggly Christmas Medley" (1999 version only, from The Wiggly Big Show)


Snow Globe graphic - The Music heard is a combination of "Jingle Bells" and "Get Ready To Wiggle". While we zoom inside the globe, "Deck the Halls" plays.

(Have a Very Merry Christmas Title Card. Title Card slides to the left. A bell ding is heard when we zoom through the door.)

Song 1: Have a Very Merry Christmas (Wiggly Wiggly Christmas Theme Song)

Wiggly Wiggly Christmas segment and introduction: The Wiggles introduce themselves and wish a Wiggly Wiggly Christmas to all.

(Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas Title Card. Accordion plays.)

Song 2: Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

(Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Title Card.)

Song 3: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (Australian 1997 version only) - with a female kid dressed up as Rudolf. Santa Claus also appears. After the first time around, Greg asks everyone to put on their antlers, so everyone puts their open hands to their heads to imitate a reindeer. At the end of the song, they all dance around in a circle acting like Rudolf and the other reindeers.

(Here Comes Santa Claus Title Card. Banjo plays.)

Song 4: Here Comes Santa Claus - with Dorothy

(Go Santa Go Title Card. Low tuba plays.)

Song 5: Go Santa Go - done in that style of Greased Lightning with the finger pointing

(Ding Dong Merrily on High Title Card. Bell ding plays.)

Song 6: Ding Dong Merrily on High

(Christmas Star Title Card. Harp plays.)

Song 7: Christmas Star

Unto Us, This Holy Night segment: Anthony talks with a group of kids who are dressed up ready to do a nativity play. Sian is one of the shepherds; she shows everyone her crooked staff. She decorated it with some tinsel. Joseph gets to play Joseph! He will put his hand on Mary's shoulder. Clare gets to play Mary. She has a shawl that she will put on her head. Anthony (Who is one of the kids and has the same name as the blue-shirted wiggle) is in his pyjamas and he helps Clare put on her shawl. Ashley is playing a sheep. Alicia is playing a cow, but she's not in the segment.

(Unto Us, This Holy Night Title Card.)

Song 8: Unto Us, This Holy Night

(Felice Navidad Title Card. Mandolin plays.)

Felice Navidad introduction: Anthony is dressed up with a Mariachi hat and he talks with the puppet iguanas Iggy, Ziggy & Frank in the segment. He talks about how to say Merry Christmas in different languages from local Australian natives, and then Italian. And then in Spanish, Iggy tells Anthony that it's "Felice Navidad!"

Song 9: Felice Navidad

(Jingle Bells Title Card.)

Jingle Bells introduction: The Wiggles are making a cardboard sleigh in the segment. Jeff has big scissors, Anthony has glue, Wags and Captain Feathersword are aboard the sleigh, decorating it with tinsel, and Greg has a big paintbrush. So let's all sing a song about riding in a sleigh.

Song 10: Jingle Bells

Now they're ready to fly away. Captain Feathersword and Wags then take off.

Christmas Picnic segment: Jeff is sleeping in his favourite comfy chair. He has a dream where Santa Claus and Henry the Octopus are helping the Wiggles put together a sandcastle while a fast instrumental tune plays. Henry dances in circles to it. Then the Wiggles arrive and Greg notices he's asleep. They count to 3 and say, "Wake up Jeff!". After waking up, Jeff tells them about his dream. It was real; he reaches down for his shoe, picks it up, and pours water out of it. The others laugh.

(Christmas Picnic Title Card. A doo doo doo singer plays.)

Song 11: Christmas Picnic

(Let's Clap Hands For Santa Claus Title Card.)

Song 12: Let's Clap Hands for Santa Claus

(Henry's Christmas Dance Title Card. Band plays, followed by a short triangle sound.)

Song 13: Henry's Christmas Dance

Jeff's Christmas Tune segment: Anthony and Murray are present with Dorothy the Dinosaur. She knows a lot of different dances so the guys have Dorothy demonstrate some.

The first dance is tap dancing.

The second one is Scottish dancing.

The third one is a line dance. Murray makes a roaring sound, but Anthony corrects him and says it's not a lion dance, it's actually a line dance. Dorothy understands and says she'll do a boot scoot, and does just that. Yee-haw!

The fourth and last one is Irish dancing, which is Dorothy's favourite and she scats along to it with a song called Nya Nya Nya from The Wiggles Movie.

Murray says how Dorothy sure is a great dancer.

(Jeff's Christmas Tune Title Card.)

Song 14: Jeff's Christmas Tune (instrumental)

It's a Christmas Party, On The Goodship Feathersword segment: Greg and Murray are present with Captain Feathersword groaning over too much Christmas food. Murray says he ate too much Christmas pudding, that there is a lot of great food to eat at Christmas but tells Captain Feathersword that he has to be careful not to eat too much. Greg says that Captain Feathersword ate five plates of pudding at the Christmas dinner and that three buttons popped loose which made him exclaim "Oh I'm not getting any thinner! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"

(It's a Christmas Party On The Goodship Feathersword Title Card. Recorder plays.)

Song 15: It's a Christmas Party, On The Goodship Feathersword

(Away in a Manger Title Card. Piano plays.)

Song 16: Away in a Manger

Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree segment: Murray has a present for Wags. It's a bone. Greg, Jeff, and Anthony arrive with presents for Wags but they're all present. They are just like Murray's; bones. Murray asks the others and they say that it's a bone. When Murray is sad that the bone is what he got Wags for Christmas and when the others find out that they have the same present as his, they lower their heads and cry, "Oh, no!", except Jeff, who falls asleep, and they look sad, except Jeff, who was feeling tired instead, but Anthony says that he'll like them anyway so they raise their heads and they look happy, including Jeff, who just woke up, but they were okay and so was that. They put the bones under the tree after Murray told them. Wags arrives and gives The Wiggles a present, which is a bone! The Wiggles and Wags laugh.

(Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree Title Card. Tuba plays.)

Song 17: Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree

(Silent Night Title Card. The first part plays.)

Song 18: Silent Night

During the instrumental break, the nativity play continues and all of the shepherds, wisemen and animals get up and leave and Mary puts Baby Jesus down.

(We Wish You a Merry Christmas Title Card. It plays the same as Unto Us, This Holy Night.)

Song 19: We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Outro: The Wiggles hope you had a great time and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Goodbye!

Song 20 : Wiggly Christmas Medley (1999 version only)

Close with "Jeff's Christmas Tune" for the background music at the credits.

CD Songs


The Production of Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas started in 1996, when The Wiggles first recorded the Album. The next year (1997), after finishing The Wiggles Movie, The Wiggles started to work on the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas video. 19 songs were filmed for the video. It was filmed in late July-August 1997.

Alternate Versions

A new version was made in 1999 for the UK VHS release, which was also released in America a year later. This version of the video cut out Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, and added Wiggly Christmas Medley from The Wiggly Big Show at the end. This version kept the original 1997 title cards and the same end credits as 1997 version, just with Rudolf taken out and the Medley added (the copyright date was changed to 1999 as well). However, the UK and Canadian case song lists stated that Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was on the video, and the Canadian one also deleted Wiggly Christmas Medley from the song list despite being on the video. In Australia, a similar version was released in 1999, this time with some alternate song title cards and a differently styled end credits sequence.

TV Airdates

  • December 20, 2002 (Playhouse Disney)[1]
  • December 24-25, 2002 (Playhouse Disney)[Note 1][2]

Release Dates

Original Release

  • Australia: October 13, 1997


  • Australia: November 8, 1999 (VHS), October 9, 2006 (DVD)
  • United States: October 24, 2000, (American Copy VHS), October 22, 2002 (Canadian Copy and Official Re-release American Copy VHS), September 30, 2003 (DVD), October 9, 2007 (Warner Home Video DVD)
  • United Kingdom: November 1, 1999



  • Despite the Warner Home Video cover being used as as a poster for the video on former streaming platforms in America:
  • On Jeff Fatt's credit, “Accordion” was misspelled as "Accordian".
  • Rex Kelleher's name was misspelled as "Rex Kelaher".
  • Aaron Ruig's name was misspelled as "Ron Rug".
  • On the song credits for Go Santa Go in the 1997 version, John Field's last name was misspelled as "Fields".
  • On the song credits for Here Comes Santa Claus in the 1997 and the original 1999 credits, Oakley Haldeman's last name was misspelled as "Halderman".
  • On the song credits for Here Comes Santa Claus on the Australian 1999 rerelease, Gene Autry's last name was misspelled as "Autrey".
  • In the 1997 version, Elyssa Dawson's first name was misspelled as "Elysa".
  • In the 1997 version, Set Construction was misspelled as "Set Constuction".
  • In the 1997 version, Craig Elliot's last name was misspelled as "Elliott".
  • In the 1997 version, Phil Ascot's last name was misspelled as "Ascott".
  • In the 1997 version, Bridgette Thorn's first name was misspelled as "Brigette".
  • In the 1997 version, Matthew Acland's last name was misspelled as "Ackland".
  • In the 1997 version, Ashleigh Johns' first name was misspelled as "Ashliegh".
  • On the 1999 version, you could hear Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer's title card shortly before Here Comes Santa Claus' title card (despite the song being removed from the 1999 version), and you could see the original song title to Jeff's Christmas Tune but it was redesigned.
  • Near the end of Jingle Bells a boom mic is visible on the top.
  • The director is heard shouting "Action!" at the beginning of Wiggly Christmas Medley.
  • In Playhouse Disney arings of this video, the ABC Video logo is still shown after the credits.
  • On the back cover of the US VHS, the word "Medley" was misspelled as "Medly".
  • At the start of Jeff's Christmas Tune, a hand is visible at the bottom right corner.


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  1. Although it didn't establish what day it aired on, we can assume it aired on both days