A promo picture of Wiggly Animation.

Wiggly Animation is the name given to The Wiggles animated video clips, first animated by Plastic Wax Animation. They were first introduced on the North American Lights, Camera Action! DVD, featuring animations from which would be used in TV series 4 that year.

In addition to series 4 and 5, Wiggly Animation clips can be found on the videos Sailing Around the World, Here Comes The Big Red Car, It's Time to Wake Up Jeff! and Splish Splash Big Red Boat. The latter video and series 5 also included Spanish clips performed by "The Mariachi Wiggles", Spanish-speaking Wiggles who appear in traditional mariachi garb with mustaches. These were actually recordings by The Latin American Wiggles, who had Wiggly Animations of their own in their TV series. Likewise, series 5 contained animations of The Mandarin Wiggles, which were created for their TV series.

Some unused animations were featured in a reel from March Digital founder Chris Walker (who directed the animations for Plastic Wax), which was seen on their website's "Cartoon Animation" category.

Wiggly Animation returned in 2019, with "The Toilet Song" animated by Super Simple Songs published on YouTube that January. In 2020, six new animated songs appeared in The Wiggles' World TV series, this time animated by Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc.


Only known/confirmed songs are listed. DON'T add any other songs to the list unless proof of their existence is found.






The "Mariachi" Wiggles

The Latin American Wiggles

The Mandarin Wiggles



  • The stage from most of the animated songs was based on the set from Top of the Tots.
  • "The Toilet Song" is the first song in animation in almost 14 years.


  • In series 4, The characters' mouths don't match the vowels in songs such as "Caveland" and "Here Come The Chicken". This was fixed in series 5 songs.
    • This error also happens in pre-1995 Humongous Entertainment games such as Putt-Putt Joins The Parade and 2013 Speak Eazy Apps LLC games such as Feed Maxi.
  • In "Where's Jeff?", a part of Henry's bowtie gets replaced by Murray's eye.
  • In the kitchen scene of "Guess What?", it is possible that Captain Feathersword's hat was accidentally replaced by Mariachi Captain Feathersword’s hat as there are slight differences between the original and Mariachi Captain Feathersword (same as The Latin American Wiggles version).
  • In "Henry's Underwater Big Band" (Mandarin Wiggles), the first scene of The Mandarin Wiggles and Captain Feathersword shows Danny and Samuel in the far left, Captain Feathersword in the far right, and Arthur is clapping in Vivi's spot. This may be just another error where they forgot to include Vivi in that part, but can later be seen clapping in place of Arthur with Arthur playing a yellow guitar instead.
  • In "Uncle Noah's Ark" (Latin American Wiggles), it is possible that Francisco's eyebrows are missing.
  • In "Guess What?" (Latin American Wiggles), it is possible that Fernando's belt is missing.


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