Wiggly Community Service Announcement intro

Wiggly Community Service Announcement is a segment from TV Series 3, which reappeared in Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series). The segment centers around the Wiggles and their friends getting interviewed and being given advice for certain situations.

There are at least 31 segments, including the one about laundry as seen in the 11-minute version of Episode 26[1]. For the 22-minute version, only 30 were used.


1. The sun is in Jeff’s eyes. Because of this, he cannot see where he is going and his eyes are hurting. Solution: The announcer gives him some sunglasses, which allows him to see who and what is in front of him and makes sure his eyes don’t hurt.

2. Dorothy is lost. Because of this, she doesn’t know which path to take to get where she needs to be, and is getting worried about not making it there. Solution: Jeff gives her directions, and she now knows how to get to where she needs to be.

18. Captain Feathersword’s pants won’t stay up. Because of this, his underwear and bare thighs keep showing and he has to keep pulling his pants up so no one will see. Solution: The announcer gives him a belt, which keeps his pants up so he doesn’t have to keep pulling them up.



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