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"Wiggly Party" is the third Wiggles game published by Dataworks and developed by Plastic Wax and released on December 10, 2001.

It was published by Disney Interactive in the USA in 2003, and again in the "Fun & Skills Pack - Toddler" set with Encore Software in 2004.


Includes hours of fun for fans of the Wiggles, with party activities, Wiggles video clips and songs, and printable Wiggles cards and party invitations. Dataworks • Ages: 3 - 6

If you are a fan of the Wiggles as a lot of children are, the Wiggly Party is set to put you in the party mood. All the gang are there with all sorts of party games to play. There is a good choice of activities including Tic Tac Toe, matching pictures to the sounds, making Captain Feathersword do acrobatic tricks (finer mouse skills are needed here to press on his small buttons), colour and print Wiggles pictures, or play Pin the Tail on the Wiggle - a game that needs good memory or just plain luck. Wiggles fans can even make and print Wiggles cards and invitations.

The program would not be complete without Wiggles songs and videos, so they are included too. Definitely one for Wiggles fans.

Games include:



Greg: Welcome to our Wiggly Party, we're having great fun. Would you like to choose someone to play with?

Spot the Difference

Henry: Let’s play Spot the Difference. Use the top picture to point to the differences you can find. Choose the arrow keys to try a different picture and choose stop to play a different game.

Painting Pictures

Dorothy: Choose a colour to begin paying this picture or choose an arrow key to paint a different picture. Use the printer to print and eraser to start again. Choose stop when you want to play a different game. Can you help me finish painting this picture?

Pin the Tail on the Wiggle

Jeff: Let’s play Pin the Tail. Choose a character on the ride, and when the lights go out, see if you could stick the tail on the right place.





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The Wiggles- Wiggly Party (PC Game)

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