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“Zardo Zap (episode)”
The Wiggles TV Series 1, Episode 7

September 11, 1998 (AUS)
June 2002 (US)

Approx. Running Time

21:19 (OG Wiggles)
22:23 (TS1CBS)

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The Party

Zardo Zap is the 7th episode of TV Series 1.


  1. Walk from Yummy Yummy (1998 video)
  2. Get Ready To Wiggle from Wiggle Time! (1998 video)
  3. Here Comes a Bear from Wiggle Time! (1998 video)


Series Intro

Song 1: Walk (from Yummy Yummy (1998 video))

Kaz the Cat


Kindergarten Text Types



Jeff looks outside and says it's sunny but then he yawns and decides to take a quick nap. Then a UFO lands out the back and an alien all dressed in gold transports to the front and hypnotizes Door so she can get inside Wigglehouse. She sees Jeff and then decides to disguise herself as him for a secret mission. She then hears Anthony humming and stands still like a statue. Anthony comes out to get an apple and heads back to his room. He comes out a few seconds later, thinking he saw something. He just shrugs, not noticing Zardo Zap, and goes back to his room again. Zardo sees Jeff getting up and then she follows him while he sleepwalks to his room. Jeff stops since the door is closed, so Zardo uses her powers to open it and he heads inside. She shuts the door and then she spins around transforming into Jeff, saying nobody will never know. The Awake Wiggles leave their rooms and they see Zardo/Jeff, which leads to Anthony asking how did he sleep today. Zardo as Jeff responds "I'm not tired and why would Jeff be tired" but accidentally calls him Murray. The other Wiggles are puzzled and confused, but Zardo quickly corrects herself by saying "Whoops I mean Anthony". Murray tells Zardo/Jeff that he's always tired and then Greg asks if he's okay and that he sounds funny. Then Zardo says it's just a cold and says "achoo". Dorothy the Dinosaur comes in and pats Zardo as Jeff on the back, who tells her no more fooling and says he knows she was there. Dorothy asks how did he know and Zardo as Jeff replies that his senses detect reptilian life form. "Huh? Huh? Huh?" says the other 3 Wiggles then Zardo turns to them and says to perform for the children immediately. Murray says they don't have concerts until tomorrow. Zardo as Jeff says his Jeff mind forgot then turns to Dorothy again, but accidentally calls her Henry and tells her to show him how to make the children laugh. "Henry?" The other 3 Wiggles say confused. Greg corrects Zardo as Jeff and tells him that it's Dorothy, then he turns to viewers and asks is this really Jeff. "I don't think so," said Greg. Zardo as Jeff says he's been found out and his goose has been cooked. Then Zardo spins around and transforms to her actual form. Then Anthony says Wah-Hoo that's not Jeff. Greg shakes his head. Then she walks forward and tells Murray, Greg, Anthony and Dorothy that her name is Zardo Zap from the planet zepfire and says she has failed her mission. Meanwhile, the real Jeff comes out of his room and then Greg asks why did she fail and what was her mission. Then Zardo answers the children that's on her planet are sad and must find a way to make them happy and then she says her intentions was to take their secrets away and use them to make children smile. Then Anthony said she didn't have to disguise herself as Jeff to do that and Murray said there's no secret about it. Dorothy says it's because she loves to sing and dance and have fun with her friends and a confused Zardo asks them all what is fun. Then Dorothy and Anthony dance in a circle around her and says that it is fun but sadly says she can't teach the children of zepfire. Jeff says of course she can and she can just try it, then all 5 dance around her again. Then Zardo says it's hard, Murray suggests her to try and enjoy herself. Then she requests for a can of lemonade and Jeff grabs one from his bedroom and then Zardo says see you to them and heads out.

Wiggly Trivia

  • Will The Wiggles discover Zardo's trick?
  • What will Zardo do next?
  • Will the real Jeff return?

Song 2: Get Ready To Wiggle (from Wiggle Time! (1998 video))

Henry the Octopus Puppet Show

Henry the Octopus and the gang put on a circus show among themselves. Jacques the Shark is a clown, Tom does magic, Henry juggles but not that well. Everyone has fun.

Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show

Captain Feathersword lost his pirate hat and is all disoriented. Wags the Dog finds a chest full of different hats that Captain tries but he does weird things while wearing them. The Wags makes Captain a custom hat with a feather. Captain is so happy he tosses the hat away. Whoops!

Song 3: Here Comes a Bear (With Intro) (from Wiggle Time! (1998 video))

Wiggly Chase Scene

The Pink Towel Chase


  • Zardo Zap has a different actor in Toot Toot!. Because of this, she has an extremely changed appearance.
  • This episode inspired The Wiggles to write the song of the same name for the Toot Toot! video and album.
  • Some clips are featured in Kids Using Computers (Ruff's Bone Living Book, Little Monster at School Living Book, Blasterpals, Reader Rabbit and Stellaluna Living Book.)
  • When Greg says Henry the Octopus is walking to the ocean to have a swim and Wags the Dog is running to dig up bones in the prologue to Walk, Henry laughs and Wags barks which was never heard in the Yummy Yummy video.
  • On December 6th 2020, this episode was uploaded to The Wiggles (YouTube channel).


  • Zardo Zap: Resistance is futile.


  • The Wiggles have been compared to Star Trek because of their coloured shirts and dark pants. The quote "Resistance is futile" is something Star Trek aliens (the Borg) would say. Might be a coincidence though.

Alternate names

  • Wiggly Walking/The Sea Circus (Sprout name)[citation needed]